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Tooth Extraction

Woman with face mask holding up a single toothAn extraction is the permanent removal of a tooth from its socket in the jawbone. Teeth may need to be removed for many reasons:
•  Broken or badly decayed
•  Abscessed (infected)
•  Overcrowded teeth removed for orthodontic treatment
•  Impacted wisdom teeth
•  Severe gum disease

There are two major categories of extraction: routine simple extractions and surgical extractions.

Routine Simple Extraction

A routine simple extraction is usually performed in our office under local anesthetic. This applies to a tooth that is fully visible in the mouth and can be easily grasped by forceps. In some cases, depending on location of the tooth or a patient's health history, even a simple extraction may need a referral to the oral surgeon.

Surgical Extractions (Wisdom Teeth)

A surgical extraction is done by an oral surgeon under some level of sedation. This applies to impacted teeth, teeth that are badly broken down or difficult to extract, most wisdom teeth, and when extracting multiple teeth.
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